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The VAS.five represents the reference model of the line of yachts offered by VAS Yacht Industries.

The VAS.five is a 15 meters boat (hull length 15.36m - max. length 16.10m - hull width 4.50m – max. width 5m) presenting inside 2 or 3 cabins and 2 or 3 bathrooms and made of VTR carbon and glass.

Regarding the motorization, there are two options available: thermal engine with three Mercury 600Hp, or an innovative hybrid boat engine with jet propulsion. The maximum speed is approximately of 50 knots and the cruise speed goes from 21 to 27 knots.

The interiors are fully customizable with the use of unique materials, such as the high-quality epoxy resin surfaces (created with colors and patterns chosen by the customer) and the coverings made with thin slabs of real stone.

The VAS.five model has an attractive and sporty design, without sacrificing comfort and functionality.

VAS Yacht Industries Logo 4.png
Vas.five Render VASYachtIndustries 6.jpg
VAS.five Render VASYachtIndustries 3.jpg
VAS Yacht Industries AllRightsReserved 4.HEIC
Specs VAS.five VASYachtIndustries.JPG
VAS Yacht Industries AllRightsReserved 4.HEIC
Vas.five Render VASYachtIndustries 2.jpg
Vas.five Render VASYachtIndustries 5.jpg
VAS Yacht Industries EpoxyResin AllRightsReserved 1 + Logo_edited.jpg
VAS Yacht Industries StoneVeneer AllRightsReserved 2 + Logo_edited.jpg
VAS Yacht Industries Epoxy Resin AllRightsReserved 2 + Logo_edited.jpg
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