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About Us

Talking about our history is as simple as complicated. We are different paths that crossed by chance, pursuing the idea of ​​giving life to something different and new in the luxury market. Starting point: the management of unique classic car and boats fleets by offering 360-degree assistance in the various stages of research and brokerage. In a short time, however, it became clear that the passions and shared ideas went far beyond reasoning as mere professionals, finally discovering to have the same dream in the drawer: to live our emotion for the sea and pass it on to others. Hence the desire to embed our way of "feeling" navigation in a line of jewel boats outside the box, giving life to VAS Yacht Industries. 


Comfort and luxury combined synergistically with sportiness and dynamism. Performance does indeed become an essential element in our vision of “living the sea”, but without having to give up one's comfort zone, to feel at HOME. In this VAS imposes itself as an innovation: transferring the certainties and comforts of one's daily being into the bursting of the waves. Thanks to VAS, the warmth of home becomes freedom. Thus, we present ourselves with a profoundly new product, born from the understanding of the real needs of the average owner / yachtsman: Family, Home, Comfort as well as Emotion, Sportiness, Luxury and Fun. The customer becomes the fulcrum of our customization with the aim of giving life to a real "floating comfort zone". Our designers follow the customer step by step in the creation of a unique and individual style. 

The attention to every detail is not just a slogan but a real mission. Safety, quality and eco-compatibility are the cornerstones of the VAS Yacht Industries structure. Safe, innovative, reliable, technologically advanced but environmentally friendly boats. All giving strong value to the purely sporty appearance, ensuring high performance, remarkable cruising and top speed, as well as stable turns with minimal rolling. VAS is then associated with the idea of ​​the tailored shirt, giving the customer a wide choice of quality fabrics, materials and accessories, making customization extremely subjective and unique.

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